Drone shot down while filming

This is the view from the GoPro on the drone:

This is the view from the GoPro on my head:

This is both clips and the photo made into a video for Media requests:

At about 6pm on the 25th of January 2016 I was calibrating my drone getting ready to film a beautiful forest in the Tararua Mountain range in New Zealand. After a couple of crashes I got the drone flying good and just when I finished calibrating it ‘making it sit still in mid air’ someone has shot the drone down with a high powered rifle. I am beside myself that someone could do this to my drone and did not recover my gear until later on that night. Amazingly the drone survived and soon will fly again I have nick named the drone ‘Termy’ after ‘The Terminator’

As you can see the bullet came from one of those hills above.
drone shot

Mail Online


A Wellington man says he feared for his life when his drone was shot out of the sky in the Tararua Mountain Range.

Posted by Newshub on Sunday, January 31, 2016