The most convincing viral stunt of all time

YouOriginal got an exclusive interview with the man who may have just pulled off the greatest viral stunt of all time. A video showing some cyclists holding up traffic in rural Taupo, New Zealand made world news last week causing absolute outrage. It was seen on quite a few of the worlds news networks and in New Zealand news broke of a police probe into the incident.

The creator who we will call Steve says “The police were called to my house looking for a woman I had created”. “I created her Facebook page, I created her name and hired an actor to do a voice over on a dash cam video for $50”. “I never expected the video to get this much attention, her created fake Facebook page has received death threats from cyclists all over the world.” “I think I created the most hated person on the planet this week.” “I hope the student who did the voice over gets offered a movie job out of it, if any one should win a Oscar it should be her.”

The video creator even made a Facebook profile and a Facebook page to make everyone think Samantha Brown was a real person. The voice over was done by a student studying in Taupo who had never acted in her life before. Steve says “Do you even human was the icing on the cake the actor watched the video and just came out with this stuff”.

Here is the video that has had over 300,000 views on YouTube and LiveLeak The video successfully convinced the whole world that Samantha Brown was a complete nutter

***WARNING this video has extreme language***

Here is the original video that was taken that day, revealing the truth behind the video.

***WARNING this video has extreme language***


Cyclists give me the worst road rage ever

Cyclists give me the worst road rage ever %$@# Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and like this page

Posted by Samanthapants on Monday, March 14, 2016