Amazing keyboard street musician

Beranger is a classically trained pianist who created a style he calls “classical grunge”, it’s a mixture of classical music and rhythmical grunge rock riffs and breaks all on the piano. He has been playing in the streets of Berlin for year and a half and I’ve seen masses of people come and see him play.

Mauerpark is the hottest and most iconic spot for buskers and street performers in Berlin since the Wall fell. It used to be a no man’s land where people would get shot if they tried crossing the Berlin Wall. Now, this iconic park is getting shut down by police who shut down and fine buskers, regardless of the fact they attract millions of tourists to Berlin every year, and that the people of Berlin love it.In my opinion Beranger is actually the most iconic busker of Berlin, he’s got more than 4000 people following him just from playing in the streets. Nobody i’ve seen plays the keys and sings like this guy. He’s been invited to play on TEDx as well this Friday.